Gareth Atkinson


I am chartered structural engineer with a passion for great architecture, conservation and urban design/place making.  I joined the company in 2014 keen to work back in London and assist former colleague and good friend Rob Westcott with the regeneration of the London Studio.

Before arriving at Civic Engineers, I worked with Alan Baxter & Associates and Colin Toms & Partners (CTP). I also spent a year getting my hands dirty as a geotechnical engineer in Southeast Asia. However, it was at Alan Baxter that I discovered my love for freehand sketching to help investigate and solve engineering challenges. I strongly advocate the practice of drawing, not only to explore engineering design, but as a way to communicate ideas.  I am a motivated teacher in the approach of engineering design and champion Civic Engineers in-house training programme.

With a passion for learning, I enjoy travelling with my eyes open. I spent much of my early professional years visiting various countries across the world taking in different forms of architecture and environments.  A particular highlight was driving through the Valley of the Kasbahs in the southern foothills of the Atlas mountains in Morocco.

Outside of the studio, when I am not busy on my next DIY project, I can be found frantically peddling on my bright green bicycle around the Kent and Surrey countryside.  Another of my biggest passions is to don my bright orange helmet and hit snow laden mountains on a snowboard.