Hynek Tucek

Design Engineer

Hi, I’m Hynek and I come from Prague. I like to wake up looking forward to new day, going to bed feeling tired satisfied with what is done. I like to have a rest with feeling that I deserve it. I like challenges, adventure and fun. I never say ‘no’ to good beer or wine and food.

I studied civil engineering with a special focus on water structures at the Czech Technical University. After my graduation I started work as an Engineer in very well known company dealing with water structure consultancy. In the following six years I was involved in many projects in the Czech Republic and further afield for example in Nepal and Iraq. I have completed town couple of flood protection and dam constructions. In the last three years I have been actively learning structural engineering along with designing water structures.

I came to the United Kingdom to work on refurbishment projects for an interior design company in London. During that time I spent more than month as a site manager in Marbella in southern Spain. After a period spent in charge of research and development in water structure design company in Kent I decided to return to structural engineering and I was pleased to take an opportunity to join London team of Civic Engineers.

I enjoy travelling, good music and various sports. My spare time is largely spent playing cello and indoor climbing. I can do in-line skating, ballroom dancing, paragliding or kung fu martial arts as well. I play violin, guitar, piano and cello. I wish every day had 25 hours to allow me do more. Before I left Prague, for more than 6 years I was an actor in a small Prague theatre.