Jonny McArdle

Design Engineer

Hi I’m Jonny. I graduated from University of Manchester with a MEng in Structural Engineering. During my fourth year at university Civic Engineers mentored my group project. We struck up a good relationship and I joined after graduating in 2008. I have been here ever since, I’m almost part of the furniture!

I enjoy all forms of structure, particularly ones built in Manchester. Our city is booming and it’s great to see so many great projects on our doorstep. Refurbishments are a particular interest of mine and I like to see the juxtaposition of new and old together, and also how new techniques can be incorporated into historic buildings so that they can be reused. It’s fitting that I live in Manchester’s oldest fireproof cotton mill.

My object is a golf ball from the Grand Canyon. It’s meaning to me is twofold: it was given to me by Rachel, who I met a couple of years ago. Rachel gave it to me as a gift that she brought back from her trip around America. Two years later we’re now engaged and due to get married in Edinburgh next year.

Secondly I am mad about anything golf. I play off 7 and have played for the past 22 years. My weekends during the summer normally consist of playing golf, then watching golf. Eat, sleep, play and watch golf. It was refreshing to see it at the Olympics this year despite the heavy criticism and withdrawals from a number of the top ranked golfers. To see a Great British athlete win topped it off- Justin Rose, my favourite golfer.


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