13th July 2020

Active Challenge Day 1 – Local lockdown loves!

With movements restricted during lockdown, many of us have been spending more time exploring our local areas, noticing places and businesses we have never spotted before. With those on bikes and foot spending more supporting their local economy, we thought an appropriate task for Day 1 was to celebrate all things local.

You haven’t disappointed us with your choices and local discoveries! We’ve seen some great examples, in particular local coffee shops, pop up cafes and independent shops. There’s even the ice cream van that is usually out at corporate events which has opened in the owners driveway and supplied the locals with amazing ice creams on their doorstep!

Statistics show that this love of local is making a real difference. A You Gov poll carried out recently said that 40% of those interviewed felt there was a stronger sense of community in their local area and independents have grown their market share by 40%. Overall 59% of consumers have used their local stores and services more than ever before.

Here’s hoping this is a trend that continues!!!!

Active Challenge Day 1 – Local lockdown loves!

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