18th April 2019

An insight into industry for University of Manchester Masters students

Given our values of ‘helpful’ and ‘collaborative’, acting as industrial partners for engineering students completing their Masters at the University of Manchester was something some of our Manchester team engineers were keen to do. This involved us using one of our current live projects as the basis for a project for the students so they could get a real understanding of how a project works and what is involved.

The project proposed for the students was the historic building ‘Hotspur Press,’ previously known as Medlock Mill, a 19th century mill off Cambridge Street in Manchester city centre. Two of our Manchester engineers, Dan Podesta and Daniela Zaman initially provided the students with preliminary information such as site location, the topo survey of the existing building and the development brief. The students then compiled their own research on the project, interpreted the results, provided scope of surveys and implemented the required civil and structural design. Over the course of the project, a wide variety of topics were covered such as the substructure and superstructure design, demolition methodology, sustainability, public realm design an historical assets. Even more interesting for the group was that the project group ran alongside the real life design of the building as Hotspur Press was granted planning permission whilst the student’s project was ongoing.

Structural Design Engineer, Daniela Zaman said, “I have really enjoyed the process of working with the University students and offering them support and advice whenever needed. Giving them the opportunity to see how a real project works is fantastic experience for them. It was very inspirational to act as their industrial mentor and I’m looking forward to seeing their careers develop and progress.”

An insight into industry for University of Manchester Masters students

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