20th January 2020

Building awareness of Blue Monday at Civic Engineers

Today, Monday, 20th January is  often known as ‘Blue Monday’ and it is scientifically calculated as the gloomiest day in the year for a number of reasons. These include the cold, rainy, dark days, post-Christmas blues, poor finances as you wait for January pay day and often the breakdown of those well intended New Years resolutions.

Recognising that it’s ok to feel blue and that talking can be helpful, the teams across the 4 Civic Engineers studios have each taken part in an event within their studio, a brunch or a lunch that enables them to come together and talk. They have also all worn something ‘blue’ to mark the day.

Caroline Todd, Head of People and Culture commented on the initiative, “ We spend the largest amount of time at work so it is really important that we can be ourselves, be honest about how we feel and have the opportunity to talk to our colleagues, managers and directors when we need to. We’re trying to make this ‘Blue Monday’ a little less blue for people and remind them that it’s ok to feel a bit fed up and that it’s good to talk.”

Building awareness of Blue Monday at Civic Engineers

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