16th January 2023

Challenging Blue Monday


Today marks this year’s Blue Monday, a day in recent years dubbed ‘the most depressing day of the year’. As always, here at Civic Engineers we’re coming together to collectively turn Blue Monday firmly on its head and pencil in opportunities for us to find pockets of joy and fun throughout the day.

The Blue Monday concept dates back to 2005 when a Cardiff University lecturer used the typical January weather conditions, the time passed since Christmas, time passed since the breaking of New Year’s resolutions, and low motivation levels to calculate that the third Monday in January as the day where we typically feel our lowest.

Whilst we know Blue Monday may not be a real ‘day’ backed up by any scientific evidence, we still locked in time for us across our Manchester, Leeds, London and Glasgow studios to come together and challenge the Blue Monday concept. A massive thanks to all of our team who got involved, from wearing their brightest coloured clothes to taking part in one of the many lunchtime walks that have been enjoyed so far.

Penciling time across our studios for us to all get outside and find a window over lunch to get some fresh air, which we know works wonders for lifting our mood and boosting our immune system, we also asked everyone to also try and embrace walking meetings. At the time of writing, we’re very aptly enjoying some beautiful January blue skies so our efforts to challenge Blue Monday seem to be paying off.

Thanks also to our furry friends who joined forces with us with their very own colourful show of solidarity!

Challenging Blue Monday