5th November 2021

Collaboration & targets! The latest Civic comments on COP!


Continuing our little series of comments from members of our team across our 4 studios in London, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow, today we hear from Director Paul Morris, who is based out of our North studios. He says, “I’d like to see nations and organisations working collaboratively with a renewed energy, enthusiasm and optimism about healing the planet. It’s a serious problem for every one of us, so let’s work together and do all we can to solve it.”

Meanwhile, in our London studio, Emilie LeClerc, Civil Design Engineer is more focused on wanting to see targets set and countries held to account, “I would like to see ambitious and legally binding targets for all rich countries to help others develop in a regenerative way so we can start trying to undo the wrong that has been done so far.”

Collaboration & targets! The latest Civic comments on COP!

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