10th March 2023

Cycle to MIPIM – Punctures & Biting Winds for Day Three


With the first full day of cycling under our belts, day three of Cycle to Mipim continued today, as did the challenging weather conditions. From punctures to needing new break pads, it’s been all systems go as the ride heats up (but not the temperatures…) and the team leave Calais and head to Soissons.

Tackling the epic 1500km cycle from London to Cannes this year is Simon Keating, a Senior Transport Engineer from our London studio. Simon gives us an update on the team’s progress as they head into an epic weekend continuing to make their way from Calais to Cannes.

“There’s not been much rest following the 200 km covered yesterday. We all enjoyed a late dinner together followed by a early and frantic start this morning to get back on our bikes. Weather conditions are even worse than yesterday and thanks to lots of wet grit on the roads, I needed to change my break pads as they had already worn out from one day of cycling.

“After the early set-off we kept going thinking of the lovely lunch we did a quick-stop for. It also gave us an opportunity to quickly defrost from the very chilly conditions. Next up, it was an unexpected puncture which was quickly repaired as had another 100km to cover before the end of the day.

“Add in some more non-stop rain and a biting cold cross wind that even the Peleton can’t protect anyone from, but overall we’re all feeling better than yesterday. I’m bedding into the bike so less niggles than yesterday. Although tempted, I won’t be availing of the masseuses for now. Off to tackle another stage and hoping the feeling will return to my feet before some much-needed rest this evening.”

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Cycle to MIPIM – Punctures & Biting Winds for Day Three