27th June 2024

#Enhancedbyengineers: “Engineering undoubtedly leaves a lasting legacy”


Earlier this month, the world marked International Women in Engineering Day, with this year’s theme recognising how people’s lives are ‘enhanced by engineers’

INWED is a brilliant opportunity to celebrate the amazing work that our engineers, and engineers worldwide, are doing to make people’s lives happier and healthier, and to build a better and more sustainable future.

But it’s also a vitally important waypoint to call attention to the barriers that still exist in the industry and discuss what more needs to be done to make our world and the built environment more equal, diverse and inclusive.

This week we’re hearing perspectives across our team, with Kat Dewell, people and culture manager in our Manchester studio, up next:

Kat: “Joining Civic Engineers was my first step into engineering, and my perception of the industry as being a little dull has been totally transformed. Each day I’m inspired by the enormously positive impact engineering can have on people’s lives. It undoubtedly leaves a lasting legacy.

“To see projects such as Mayfield Park creating green spaces in Manchester city centre, for example, is really exciting. It’s created a safe space for people, particularly children, in the city, as well as biodiversity and opportunities for wildlife. Even on a drizzly day, the area is so inviting and instantly gives you that feeling of wellbeing.

“Having a diverse range of viewpoints is crucial in making places more accessible and work for more people. My sister-in-law and her son, who has impaired hearing, live in Canada, and they’ve attended community days to share their experiences of how to improve their town. It’s an approach our team takes here to, to engage with communities closely throughout. Only by actively sharing individual experiences can we bring these challenges to light and ultimately create effective solutions.

“Despite recent progress, there are persistent barriers in the industry that are vital to highlight. Women are often caregivers for children or elderly relatives too. It’s imperative to create better options for anyone with these additional responsibilities, and value, uplift and support those returning from maternity leave or career breaks.

“Confidence and visibility is also key to career progression, and we’re exploring career coaching to help anyone who needs it strengthen their skills and confidence, and recognise the value that they can add.

“Encouraging more people to join the engineering industry begins with inspiring younger generations. We aim to involve women early on, from primary and secondary school level to help to show all the many careers and routes in that there are, including apprenticeships and university.”

#Enhancedbyengineers: “Engineering undoubtedly leaves a lasting legacy”