14th July 2021

Exploring Resilience


As we all adjust to the dramatic disruption our lives have navigated over the last year and a half, lessons post-lockdown continue to be crucial to help us move forward and adapt to our new normal.

As part of our ongoing investment to support our employees, last week some of our team virtually attended their first ‘Resilience Training Workshop’, delivered by external resilience coach, Take a Seat’s, Josh Connolly.

Designed to help challenge current beliefs around what resilience means, the workshop provided our team with an actionable framework so they could build and access their own resilience toolkit to use across both their professional and personal journeys.

Discussing his session with our team, Josh said:, “It is always an honour to hold space with a group of people so willing to lean into their vulnerability and deepen their understanding of what resilience is. My sessions are built around the engagement of the group and it was their interaction that made for such a meaningful session.”

Sharing more details on what we hoped our team would be able to learn from the workshop, Caroline Todd, Head of People and Culture said:, “We wanted the session to act as a foundation platform from which our people could start to explore their own resilience and build upon it.  It’s a very personal journey and as a practice we want to create the environment that each person feels that they can talk to others about how they are feeling on a day a day-to-day basis. It often takes a lot of courage to say when you are not ok, we want to remove any barriers to this and create an empathetic culture where we listen and are there for each other during all of life’s ups and downs.”

Exploring Resilience

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