22nd April 2020

Impressive entries for our Structural STEM challenge – the runners up!

Wow! We were blown away by the fantastic entries we received for our Structural engineering STEM challenge. At the start of lockdown we thought we’d set a fun little challenge that kids (and parents!) could do at home to not only keep themselves occupied but also learn a little bit about structural engineering. Ably assisted by our judges, also known as engineers Oscar and Dominique, the challenge set was to build the tallest, most impressive structure out of household goods. We talked about the importance of sketching out the design and also trying to exhibit the Civic Engineers values of being ingenious, collaborative, helpful, passionate and curious, as well as the need to ensure the structure stayed upright!

Well, the engineers of the future and their parents  and families did not disappoint. We had some brilliant entries. They exhibited all our values and most importantly, it looks like those who took part had a lot of fun! There were stunning sketches, creative use of household goods (easy on the toilet roll), videos explaining the design process, evidence of design team roles being allocated and excellent use of indoor and outdoor space.

So check out a few of the stunning structures we were sent. Well done to you all!! Thanks to everyone who took part! We hope we’ve inspired some future engineers. We’ll be sharing the 3 winning designs with you tomorrow so watch this space

Noah Ewing

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