LFA Modelling Care: Civic Engineers Interactive Experience

Modelling Care is an interactive experience to take as part of the London Festival of Architecture, running throughout June 2021. By engaging with a series of questions below, you will create your own unique shape – a figurative representation of the LFA theme ‘Care’ – using engineering software and parametric modelling.


Please share your individual artwork through screenshots, by tagging @civicengineers #LFA2021 on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Civic Engineers will collate the images created to use as a final artwork. Your artwork will remain anonymous unless you tag Civic Engineers online.


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Care on Exhibition Road - Knightsbridge

Exhibition Road


Modelling Care Tool

In the embedded ShapeDiver window please select the answer for the below questions that most resonates with you. Following completion of the 7 answers select the apply settings button. This should provide you with your unique result.

The question inputs can be found by clicking the icon shown below with ShapeDiver’s embedded window.


1. What brings me the most daily joy

a) Time with myself
b) Pursuing a skill
c) Four-legged, furry friends
d) Getting greener with plants
e) Getting moving
f) Listening to tunes
g) Time with others

2. To help our planet, we should take more care with:

a) How we educate
b) Maintaining our urban environments
c) New designs we adopt
d) How we travel and move about
e) Lessening economic disparity
f) Human health in dense cities
g) Nurturing biodiversity
h) The planet’s oceans
i) Our remaining forests
j) All non-human species
k) Pollutants in our atmosphere
l) How we build and grow

3. Stop at the word that you identify with right now:

a) Trusting
b) Acting
c) Loving
d) Sharing
e) Finding joy
f) Exploring
g) Learning
h) Helping
i) Growing
j) Paying Attention
k) Collaborating
l) Communicating

4. How should we progress as a species
a) By caring for others within our community
b) By caring more widely for everything on Earth
c) By caring better for ourselves
d) By learning to share more than we do
e) By accepting guidance from others
f) By expanding our emotional intelligence
g) Direct action over debate
h) With stronger leadership
i) I’m not sure!

5. What colour do you resonate with today?

6. In 2020, I learned:
a) How important human contact is
b) That I’m stronger than I thought
c) To appreciate what I have
d) That we’re all in it together
e) Many new skills
f) Something else entirely
g) All of the above

7. Who is most responsible for leaving the planet in better shape
a) Thinkers and those in leadership
b) Community activists
c) Government and politicians
d) Company executives
e) The next generation
f) Everyone

Following the short exercise, you have the opportunity to share your resulting geometry with us for inclusion in our festival content. This data is anonymous, Civic Engineers do not have the ability to identify those that wish to share with us their geometry with the share button function.

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