15th December 2022

New Purpose Built Cheadle Mosque Moves Closer to Completion


A place for worship and connection, Cheadle Mosque continues to be at the heart of Stockport’s Muslim community. Since opening in 2004, the mosque’s community has grown quickly, thanks to an inclusive approach that has seen it establish itself as the cornerstone for many local activities and events for both its Muslim and non-Muslim visitors.

With an increasing need for more space for its growing educational and charitable activities, The Cheadle Mosque Association (CMA) and design partners received planning approval back in 2019 to move forward with a new build mosque. Initial extension plans fell short of the future needs of the site, and it was confirmed a new purpose built Masjid would be built in close proximity to the existing mosque.

Appointed as Civil and Structural engineers on the post-planning development of the design, along with assistance on site works, The new Cheadle Mosque will involve the construction of a two storey building. The basement will also need to be both functional and habitable.

With CMA requiring the existing mosque remain in operation during the entirety of the works to serve the local community, a domestic property within the mosque grounds has been demolished to allow for the construction of the new building. Cheadle Masjid aims to provide a spiritual hub for its community and wants to offer a varied, inclusive calendar of events that welcome in all generations and those of other or no faith.

The structural design includes habitable basement construction containing washing facilities for worshippers, along with plant space and storage areas. The superstructure is composed of compositely designed, lean steel frame which is free from vertical bracing providing an open prayer hall alongside learning and meeting spaces. Civil engineering input includes development of surface water and pumper foul water systems to serve the new building and development of new car park areas.

With The Cheadle Mosque Association also requesting the building include options for future extensions (in anticipation of increased numbers of worshippers), our team have been involved in additional assessments to ensure increased loadings are considered and future adaptation of the building can be carried out with minimal disruption, allowing the mosque to remain in operation during these works.

Due for completion in 2023, the new building will include state of the art classrooms, meeting and seminar rooms, and also an improved female prayer area. Ghusl facilities and facilities to manage Janazah prayer (an important part of the Islamic funeral ritual) will also be incorporated.  Electric vehicle charging points are also included in the designs.

The redevelopment of The Cheadle Masjid site is both a prestigious and important project for all our team involved. Championed and funded by the very community that will have their lives enriched daily by the new building, The Cheadle Mosque will celebrate the special place the British mosque has in our society and its connection to our communities and our history.


New Purpose Built Cheadle Mosque Moves Closer to Completion