13th March 2023

One Ride. Two years of adventure – and counting!


Last year, Club Peloton and Civic Engineers put our heads together to undertake carbon calculations of the food consumed, accommodation stayed in and the transport used during Cycle to MIPIM 2022.

As its inaugural year, our teams didn’t know what to expect. We measured, calculated and shared. Some people were shocked, others were pleased. Either way, we knew improvements could be made.

So, how well did we do? Tell us what you think!

  • It’s been difficult to make much of an impact on the carbon produced during the ride itself.  From a safety point of view the Cycle to MIPIM using fewer vehicles in 2023 was difficult to achieve. However, marginal gains have been made (to the tune of 3%) by swapping out two of the petrol-fuelled passenger cars for electric vehicles.
  • The big wins have come from the change in people’s attitudes to flying. A number of riders have proudly said they are taking the train back to London from Cannes – specifically due to the information shared on the carbon output of flying last year.
  • The commitment from Club Peloton to transfer most of the support crew back by the support vehicles required huge effort and is a massive win for carbon savings. Over a tonne of carbon is saved by removing 6 flights and reducing the journey trip to 2 days.


So, what could the Club’s next steps be?

  • Analyse how riders will be returning to London
  • See what behaviour change has been impacted by the calculations
  • and listen to the conversations being had around people’s attitudes!

What do you think about the decisions made?

One Ride. Two years of adventure – and counting!

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