19th November 2021

Our COP26 event

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for our COP26 event that took place in Glasgow last week.

After a long time, it was fantastic to be able to welcome in person over 100 of our clients, collaborators and contacts, not only from Glasgow but from across the UK and abroad.

Held to coincide with the second week of COP26 when the conversation turned to issues such as cities, regions and the built environment, gender and transport, we decided to hold an event to mark COP26 being held in the city, celebrate the work we do in Glasgow and Scotland and to offer an opportunity for people to come together and connect.

To mark the event, we heard from our Co-founding Director, Stephen O’Malley who talked about some of the projects we are working on, how climate sensitivity and its protection is at the heart of all we do and how crucial true collaboration is to us addressing the climate emergency and ensuring our cities are designed to be healthier, more connected and climate resilient. Sue Morgan, the Landscape Institute’s new Chief Executive and former Design Council Chief Executive also kindly spoke and shared her thoughts with us on why collaboration between landscape architects and engineers is so important in the built environment to achieve quality projects that address the climate crisis and biodiversity.

The event took place in Gin 71 in the Merchant City, which happens to be next door to our Glasgow team’s new home that they will be moving into in the New Year!

Our COP26 event

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