5th May 2020

Our latest STEM Challenge – Design a car-free street

With less traffic, the sunny days and the clearer skies, one lovely sight to see during lockdown has been the number of families out enjoying walking,  cycling and exploring their local area. The quieter streets with fewer cars have made them safer, healthier, more pleasant places to be and maybe this is something we would like to see more of after lockdown finishes?

Making our streets healthier and more focused on people not cars, is something we believe passionately about. We’re working on many projects helping to redesign our streets. For our latest STEM challenge, we’d love you to show us your civil engineering skills and see what ideas you have for car-free streets.

The Challenge

We’d love you to draw, sketch, model or make out of lego or other equipment what you think a car-free street would look like?  What would be in it?

How would you get around?  What things would there be to do? Are there areas to play? What exciting things could you put on it? Let us know what is important to you.

Through your designs, we want to see our Civic Engineers values shine through – these are collaborative, ingenious, curious, passionate and helpful!

We can’t wait to see your designs.

How to enter

Once you’ve designed your street, take a picture of it, scan it and send it to with your name, age and address and if you want, share which school you are from.

The closing date is 5pm on Wednesday 20th May.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on our twitter, website and LinkedIN for top tips from our clever urban infrastructure engineers!

Our latest STEM Challenge – Design a car-free street