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Cambridge Street, Manchester

This project involves the creation of two new residential blocks plus a commercial space along Cambridge Street frontage. The proposed development is split into two L-shaped blocks. Block A extends to ground plus 28 storeys, whilst Block B is set further back into the site at ground plus 21 storeys.

The building’s structure is a reinforced concrete flat slab frame with stability to the towers provided by a reinforced concrete stair and lift core. Large 3m slab cantilevers provide external balcony space to corner apartments and a large part-basement, formed with contiguous piled retaining walls, provides two levels of car parking to the building.

The proposals represent an important opportunity to regenerate an undeveloped site that does not currently contribute to the city centre. The residential character of the adjoining area combined with its proximity to public transport and all of the amenities and facilities of the City Centre represents an opportunity to deliver new apartments in a place where people will want to live.

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Cambridge Street, Manchester