Flourishing Molendinar, Glasgow

St Paul's Youth Forum
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Urban Infrastructure
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Active travel
Landscape Architect & Urban Designer
Urban Movement

The Flourishing Molindinar project has been commissioned by St Paul’s Youth Forum through funding by Sustrans and aims to transform the face of the streets within the Blackhill community in the North East of Glasgow. The name Molindiar comes from The Molendinar Burn which passes through the area enroute to the River Clyde and was the site of the settlement that grew to become the kernel of Glasgow, and where St Mungo founded his church in the 6th century.
St. Paul’s Youth Forum is a charity focused on youth programmes providing young people with opportunities to learn, develop, and interact in a safe and fun environment. Currently the area is vehicle dominated with young people having to negotiate busy wide roads and a motorway slip to walk or cycle to School. The project aims to enhance walking and cycling routes to provide high quality and consistent cycling connections and walking routes out into the north-east of the city, to enable people to cycle both into the city centre on a consistent facility and around their neighbourhood safely.

Opportunity also exists however to create a more environmentally friendly streetscape which improves air quality and reduces surface water run-off through intensive greening and tree planting in addition to supporting local economies, strengthening businesses and unlocking development in previously underinvested areas. Designs for community streets have aimed to create slower speed environments, where children can once again play on their residential streets, through creating low-speed and lowflow environments through the creation of a new community heart – a new public space for community celebrations and gatherings as well as day-to-day conversation, relaxation and play.
The opportunity for the use of rain gardens and extent of potential benefits to the existing surface network will become clearer. The proximity of the Molendinar Burn provides the opportunity to remove surface water runoff from at least some sections of the existing combined sewer by discharging the treated water directly into the watercourse.

Key Personnel
Isla Jackson, Director

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