Liverpool Vision and GVA Grimley
Structural Engineer

La Princesse, Liverpool Capital of Culture 2008 Celebrations

La Machine presents La Princesse, part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture Celebrations.

A very large mechanical spider which took a year to make and weighs 15 tonnes, La Princesse accommodates 12 performers who hydraulically move each of the legs and the head. The spider was awakened during the demolition of Concourse House next to Lime Street station and crawled up onto the side of the building, where she slept for the night. In the morning, she was transported off to be tested by scientists to see how she responded to water, music and fire, until they succeeded in waking her up. She walked up from the dock on Saturday to Concourse House and was lifted back onto the building before coming down again and disappearing into the Mersey Tunnel on Sunday.

We dealt with the structural engineering for the Spider’s daring ascent of Concourse House Tower, working in collaboration with Artichoke Productions & Unusual Rigging.  Congratulations to the Liverpool Culture Company for delivering this stunning event.

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