Maidstone Borough Council
Public Realm Engineers

Maidstone High Street, Kent

In collaboration with Letts Wheeler Architects, we won an international competition to redesign Maidstone’s historic High Street.

The project aims to bring greater civilty to the street, reclaiming large areas of highway to make the street more pedestrian friendly and create attractive places in which people will want to sit and relax. Traditional traffic signals and engineering are replaced with informal, raised crossing points which give priority to pedestrian movements on logical desire lines. A rationalised bus network is introduced to the High Street which aims to reduce congestion in the busiest areas and distribute people more evenly across the street. The project also aims to re-establish the town’s link with the River Medway which is currently only accessible via a subway at the bottom of the High Street with a large at grade crossing over the town’s gyratory.

Phase 1 of the works was completed in Spring 2012 and Phase 2 is currently on site.


Key info
Maidstone High Street, Kent

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