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New Islington Millennium Village Waterpark

The waterpark is part of the larger New Islington Millennium Village project. The park site is located on the site of 200 years of industrial development, last occupied by the 250 house Cardroom estate in East Manchester.

Residents wanted a space where they were allowed to play and enjoy themselves unlike most public parks where we are prohibited from cycling, skateboarding, walking on the grass, playing ball games, paddling in the pond etc.  This park is designed to allow people to enjoy the space in their own way. It was opened in September 2006 providing a high quality public recreational space and canal boat marina.

The project involved extensive consultation and coordination with the existing residents and statutory stakeholders including Manchester City Council, Environment Agency, British Waterways, Ecology, Archaeology, Transport Executive and Emergency Services.

The engineering of the park included alterations and additions to an existing deep trunk sewer, major earthworks and reprofiling, handling and treatment of contaminated land, construction of a new canal marina and installation of islands, walkways and planting.


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New Islington Millennium Village Waterpark

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