London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Civil Engineers

Whitechapel Open Spaces Strategy

Whitechapel, in the borough of Tower Hamlets, is a vital, vibrant and dynamic London district centre.

Of the 33 London Boroughs, Tower Hamlets is forecast to experience the highest degree of population growth over the next 15 years and there are already many significant changes occurring within the core, the imminent arrival of Crossrail, the relocation of the Local Authorities offices onto the high street, St Bart’s hospital Trust, a thriving street market, a cycle superhighway and a pipeline of committed residential development.

However, the high street is currently unbalanced with too much precious space allocated to the strategic routing of vehicles along the road as part of the A11, although it is defined as a city hub in the London Roads Task Force classification. This is a conflicting and challenging combination of priorities to address. Our role has been to reexamine the order and structure of these priorities and develop a streetscape strategy to reapportion this precious space to create a landscape that best serves the future needs of the existing and emerging community.


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Whitechapel Open Spaces Strategy

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