16th June 2021

Take part in Modelling Care – London Festival of Architecture


What does ‘care’ mean to you? That’s the question we’re asking as part of London Festival of Architecture with our interactive parametric modelling experience.

With the global pandemic and at a time when technology is both connecting us and dividing us, we need to find ways to reconnect with each other, to build care and empathy and it is for this reason that the theme of the Festival is ‘Care.’

To help pEople think about what ‘care’ means to them, a group of our talented graduate and design engineers, working with the company ‘Shapediver’, have developed an experience using software and parametric modelling. By engaging with a number of questions exploring how people have felt about 2020, what brings them joy and how they see our planet, each answer helps to build a unique, figurative representation of what ‘care’ means to the individual.

It has been fantastic to see people’s unique shapes and their thoughts on taking part being shared across social media. We’re proud to be taking part in the Festival for the first time, as the world’s largest architecture festival, it gives people across the globe an opportunity to start a conversation about architecture and London.

Take part in Modelling Care – London Festival of Architecture

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