Andréia Silva Fontoura

Senior Civil Engineering Technician

Hi, I am a Civil Engineer Undergraduate who was awarded with a scholarship from the Brazilian government to study one year abroad and I’ve never looked back. All my professional life I have worked as a Civil Engineering Technician, which have given me the opportunity to work across a various range of projects – ports, a beer factory, hospitals, houses, universities, you name it. My love of the intricacies of Infrastructure and Drainage have been growing ever since my first internship.

When not at work I love playing Ultimate Team on FIFA, going to live concerts, collecting vinyls from the albums I love, taking photos from places I travel to, going for long walks and playing some football.

I have a great connection with Art, as my first degree is in Art Education. I have always been the artistic one in the family. At school, I was introduced to the pinhole photography technique and photography became one of my passions ever since. Whenever I have a camera I am always trying to take the nicest shots. I was cool before Instagram even existed!

Andréia Silva Fontoura

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