Andrew Rycroft

Engineering Technician

Hi, I’m Andrew, I joined Civic in 2014 and my current role is as an Engineering Technician. Before coming to Civic, I worked as a draughtsman detailing infrastructure projects and concrete works prior to Graduating in Civil Engineering from the University of Bolton back in 2013. The work at Civic is very rewarding due to the broad range of projects we work on, allowing me to delve into Structural, Civil and Public Realm Engineering without departmentalisation role restrictions.

Other than my usual hobbies such as 5-a-side and badminton, I have a particular interest building first person view (FPV) quad-copter racing drones and the one pictured is one of my favorites as it was my very first creation. You will often find me somewhere off the beaten track on a weekend creating my own makeshift racing track, flying the quadcopters around the course as fast as my ‘not-so-great’ skills can get me, trying to beat my previous times. I find the quadcopters onboard camera that digitally displays live feed to my video goggles when flying an intense, immersive experience and would recommend the hobby to anyone.

“Building to success is always under construction”



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