Caroline Todd

Head of People and Culture

Hi, I’m Caroline, a CIPD qualified HR Consultant with almost 20 years HR experience within retail, publishing, engineering and the media. I’ve been working alongside Civic Engineers for almost 5 years now helping to develop and support their People Strategy.

I grew up on the east side of the UK, (considerably drier) and came to Manchester to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. My first degree was in Human Geography and afterwards I considered completing a Town Planning Masters, so for me it has been great working with Civic Engineers in helping them to realise their vision of creating great spaces and buildings in the UK.

Outside work I can often be found running up and down rugby and football pitches after my two boys. I confess I’m also a bit of an adventure seeker and generally not good at sitting still. Currently I’m squeezing in a bit of climbing (no ropes), horse riding/ and running into any free time.

Last but not least I am quite creative and enjoy upcycling furniture and objects, usually with paint (in tones of grey) and framing black and white, old and new pictures. Hopefully my wall of history helps to tell a story of people and adventures, past and present.


Caroline Todd

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