Chris Kendrick


I’m a Associate in the Urban Infrastructure team. I help manage the Design Engineers, Graduates and Technicians to deliver various projects across a range of sectors.

I started in Civil Engineering consultancy in 2004 and have experience delivering a range of projects such as education facilities, residential (high rise and housing), office, industrial, retail, public realm, town centre redevelopment and public transport schemes. I also spent some time as a site engineer, setting out and keeping site records for residential and other building projects.

Joining Civic Engineers has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for sustainable engineering design and helping to create positive spaces for people.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife and two young daughters. My daughters definitely take after me in many respects and I often see them building roads and ramps around the garden using splintery bits of old pallet wood (I make sure they are wearing gloves of course), they balance this rugged side with their caring nature to a multitude of dolls.

I enjoy coming up with solutions to engineering challenges and seeing them put into practice. I have a passion for DIY, I find it hard to “get someone in” when I can do it myself. I draw the line at plastering however. My last notable project was building my own bay window shutters from scratch.

Each slat needed a hole drilling in either end for the pivot. That was a lot of drilling and patience.

Unfortunately the gradients on this carriageway were way too excessive so I sent the kids back to the drawing board.

Chris Kendrick

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