Dominique Pitman

Design Engineer

Hi, my name is Dominique, and I joined Civic Engineers in 2017 as a structural engineer after completing my Masters Degree at the University of Bath. I was previously at Amec Foster Wheeler for a year long placement, I was primarily involved in planning proposals, focusing on drainage and utility strategies for the sites. My passion however is in building development, and the more creative side to engineering.

When I am not in the office, my Latina side really comes out, spending evenings dancing Salsa, Bachata, and maybe the occasional Cha-Cha and Merengue. It is not only a very sociable and fun activity, it also makes me feel more connected to my roots. Also, if I have the tools, materials, and space, I will be creating something, be it some DIY projects such as a small chest of drawers, or a large painting of the Cornish coast, near where I grew up.

Dominique Pitman

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