Emilie Leclerc

Civil Design Engineer

I started my career in 2016 as a graduate water engineer at AECOM where I stayed for 3+ years. Throughout these years I developed skills in water supply networks, flood risk and river restoration. I have enjoyed working with a wide range of operators, technicians and professionals from whom I have gained technical knowledge but more importantly from whom I have learnt the art of collaboration through diplomacy and trust. In 2019 I fancied a career change towards civil design engineering and most importantly I had the desire to work for a smaller and more specialised firm. I have chosen Civic Engineers because sustainability is important to me. I believe engineers can improve the environment through design and I feel this view is truly shared across the company.

Outside of work I am a hiking and snowboarding enthusiast. Every year these hobbies become very good excuses to travel around the globe, experience new cultures and see beautiful places.

Of meaning to me is a quote from Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield, who said: “Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.” I try applying this maxim in my day to day life, especially at work. I am an advocate of rigorous and well-presented work but also believe in enjoying all small pleasures of life to the max.

Emilie Leclerc

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