Heba Tabidi

Graduate Engineer

I finished my masters in Civil and Architectural Engineering at the University of Bath in July 2020. My time at university was unique, because it let me bridge the gap between strong innovative design and engineering competency. This was because of the combination of both technical and creative architectural modules that I undertook. The range of topics I immersed myself in has also allowed me to appreciate the importance of interdisciplinary design.

During my exchange in Madrid I spent my time independently designing structures, systems and urban realms from first principles on pen to paper, right through to 3D models and computational analysis. This is what I hope to bring to industry: striking socially sustainable designs with intelligent engineering solutions.

Diversifying our industry is important. At university and industrial placements, I ran several outreach workshops for BIPOC school students.

Growing up in a family who loves music, it’s something I’ve inevitably inherited. From growing with Afro Rhythms, Hip Hop and RnB, to entering the world of house and electronic music at university, I now love mixing these genres together. This is my first ever controller which has unexpectedly landed me the opportunity to play at events and radio shows! Beside is a photo of my mum at 25 jamming with her friends in Khartoum, Sudan-same but different!

Heba Tabidi

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