Joe Bazaz

Senior I.T. Technician

Hi folks. My name is Joe and I work within Civic Engineers as a Senior I.T. Technician, based primarily out of our Manchester Studio. I initially started with the company in April 2019 as an Apprentice (as my first proper job within I.T) and have since built and honed my skills as a technician thanks to the opportunities Civic has offered me!

I’ve had a keen interest in I.T. that’s been fostered from quite a young age by way of a very early on-set videogame fascination; something that had a domino effect of me toying with computers to better understand them (and why my games were running terribly and constantly crashing – who knew the family computer meant for sending emails couldn’t handle Counter-Strike). One thing led to another, and I thought it’d be a good opportunity to hop into I.T. as a full-time career once finishing education.

Outside of work I enjoy independent films, creating music and graphic art, live music, and city nightlife – I’ve recently moved closer to Manchester which has afforded me more opportunities of stuff to do in my spare time – be it going to DJ nights / weird art installations or a brief stint into skateboarding that I’m still trying to keep at…

Joe Bazaz

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