Joe Bazaz

Apprentice IT Support Technician

Hi, my name is Joe and I work within Civic Engineers as a Support Technician, resolving hardware and software issues wherever they crop up. I’ve had a keen interest within I.T for a while now, something that first found it roots when an 11-year-old me cracked open a computer case in a desperate attempt to make it play video games better (I later learnt that this is not how computers work).

Civic Engineers have been extremely accommodating in helping me further my knowledge within the field of I.T. and push my own personal boundaries with challenging work, all the while I progress my Apprenticeship.

Outside of work I enjoy live music (concerts or gigs, not fussy!), graphic design and going out with mates.

Of particular interest to me is the album Demon Days by Gorillaz. It’s an at-times apocalyptic album which mixes hip-hop lyricism with some incredible pop and rock hooks. Each song is described as a “confrontation with a personal demon” with each of them tackling themes such as rising global tensions and the human condition; an incredible experience from cover to cover.

Joe Bazaz

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