Kiera Gordon

Bidding Administrator

This is my first role in the construction industry, so I am still getting up to speed with all the terminology and information that’s included in doing this job (I will get there!).

My working background is mostly in admin and inbound customer service positions. My previous role was for internal Sales Order Processing in a telecommunications company based in Glasgow. From there I had a lot of experience in procurement and purchasing of stock and equipment for my previous company, along with invoicing and document handling. This gave me lots of experience liaising with different manufacturers, suppliers and finance houses as well as all internal departments across the company. In this position there was lots of opportunity for project management as this tied in with the need to keep track of information relating to all the different deals the department processed – this is including chasing and keeping on top of outstanding information needed from sales representatives.

I also helped with inbound customer service and job co-ordination for the Copier/Franking Machine engineers. This allowed me to get a better handle on project/time management and skills for keeping in with engineer KPI/SLAs – and improve upon and hone my customer service skills.

Being an artistically driven person, I like to let my creativity loose with working on what feels like a million personal projects at once!

I love goofing off with my fiancé, who ignited my love of travelling and cooking/baking. In our travels, we visited “Jupiter Artland” which is an outdoor contemporary art gallery and I absolutely fell in love with the piece “The Light Pours Out Of Me” by Anya Gallaccio which is a small cut-out room in the ground of the forest with an open roof and walls made purely from amethyst geodes. It makes me feel overwhelming calm.

Kiera Gordon

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