Laurie Latham

London Studio Manager

I have the privilege of running the day-to-day management of our fantastic riverside studio in London.

Prior to joining Civic Engineers, and despite my relative youth (…), I have amassed twenty years of professional experience in both creative and administrative roles; split almost evenly between the music industry and architecture. As such, I have a profound respect and admiration for both music, the built environment and where they intersect – whether purposely intended or not. Being Greenwich-born and living in Deptford, nothing gives me greater pleasure than walking through the grounds of the Royal Naval College to the clashing sounds of jazz pianists, opera singers, string-players and drummers, all fading in and out as you pass its open windows. I’m sure Christopher Wren would have approved the change of use from military to music academy.

At home, I am a proud father of a teenage girl, wise beyond her years, and a cheeky little boy who keeps my wife and I in a perfect state of nervous exhaustion.

I am a huge fan of London and its limitless cultural offerings but, if I could live anywhere else, it would probably be Berlin. Home to Hans Scharoun’s Philharmonie, one of my favourite examples of modern architecture and how spatial vision can complement its musical purpose in terms of dynamics, textures and rhythm. Here’s me in the neighbouring Chamber Music Hall, moments before being told off by the tour guide (only musicians are allowed onstage – apparently).

Laurie Latham

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