Lewis Griffiths

Structural Engineering Technician

Hi, I’m Lewis. I worked as a technician for around six years prior to Joining Civic Engineers in a variety of engineering fields including a lot of work in the rail sector. I have studied civil engineering at university and have a HNC qualification. I enjoy the visual aspect creating drawings and the challenge of presenting designs in a coherent and rational way. I am excited to be a part of the Civic Engineers team and have the opportunity to work on significant projects whilst expanding my knowledge of CAD and BIM software.

Outside of work I like to stay active, mainly through football, yoga and running. I enjoy discovering new music and often attend concerts around London and festivals in the summer months.

I love to travel when I can and in recent years have gained an enthusiasm for hiking. Here is a picture from a trek I done through the mountains of Nepal. A trip I had wanted to do for a while and was lucky enough to get the chance before joining Civic Engineers.

Lewis Griffiths

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