Lindsay Christink


Through my professional experience, I have been fortunate to work on a wide variety of bridge and building projects across local government and the private sector, in three continents.  I am a Canadian Civil Engineer, and have a Political Science degree.

I had the opportunity to work in The Gambia and Malawi in 2009, with projects that focused on environmental sustainability and climate change impacts.

I otherwise spent the first four years of my career working in Canada and gained my Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) license in 2015.  After moving to the UK and becoming familiar with Eurocodes, I became a Chartered Member with the Institute of Structural Engineers in 2017.

It is the pursuit of elegant, yet efficient solutions, which drives my passion for engineering.  Creating places which improve lives, while minimising their impacts on surroundings, material use and construction techniques.

One of my favourite quotes which holds great meaning for me is to “leave things better than you found them”.  This ethos includes my love of DIY projects, where one of my key principles is to follow NASA’s I.S.R.U (In-situ resource utilisation) approach.  It is also about celebrating the small victories in everyday moments… such as when I was able to re-use the circular plasterboard cut-outs to patch the old holes, when moving downlighters in my home. Reducing waste and finding new purpose for otherwise overlooked items.


Lindsay Christink

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