Lucy Holt

Finance Assistant

I have been with Civic for just over a year, but I started my career in finance as I left school and have been working in this profession for 5 years now. Before starting at Civic I did not have much knowledge in the Engineering industry, but I love seeing the work Civic produce and have produced. I have just finished studying AAT and looking to move onto my next professional qualification.

Outside of work I love spending time with my family and friends, going on hikes and ending up in a pub or finding something to crochet. It is rare that I miss out on a holiday, but they are currently on hold as I start the new adventure of moving into my first home. Although I have not had the typical university experience, working full time gave me the financial freedom to fund many holidays including interrailing around cities in Europe with my friend and island hopping around Greece. Below is a picture from a town in Portugal that I have been visiting with my family ever since I can remember, it’ll always be my happy place.

Lucy Holt

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