Martin McGovern

Regional Director

Hi I’m Martin, I am a Chartered Structural Engineer with more than 24 years’ experience in construction and consulting.  I have had a varied career having worked on some fantastic projects, in the UK and abroad, from the very small domestic in scale to 20 plus storey high towers and cut and cover tunnels.  Most recently I led the structural design of No 1 Centenary Way in Birmingham, an exposed structural steel frame constructed on a 35m long bridge structure over the A38 in Birmingham!

I enjoy being part of a creative multi-disciplinary team and the buzz of excitement seeing ideas take shape and ultimately constructed.  I am particularly interested in the history of structural engineering and the development of structural form and a strong believer in encouraging engineers to sketch – over and over to work through problems.

I don’t consider myself to be materialistic or overly sentimental, so I don’t have a special object or a deep sense of attachment to anything inanimate.  I am very much an advocate of minimalism and keep only what is necessary.  I do however have a weakness for nice books and good quality stationary.  I do like a nice Moleskine soft backed sketch book – the issue mind you is getting someone to sign off the expense receipt!

Martin McGovern

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