Max Goulding

Graduate Engineer

I recently joined Civic Engineers in September ‘21 after graduating from the University of Leeds with an MEng in Architectural Engineering. The course challenged me greatly and gave me a well-rounded set of skills that I will be able to apply here at Civic. The course struck a balance of advanced theory and real-world context, while also giving me the opportunity to amalgamate everything I had learned via larger ‘Design Studio’ modules. These involved the completion of detailed individual building designs, which simultaneously fed my creativity and passion for architecture as well as structures.

During my brief three-month experience as a qualified engineer, I have been able to contribute to some really interesting and compelling projects that have strengthened my knowledge of structures and broadened my horizons of the kinds of projects I can be a part of. So far, these projects have mainly included substructure analysis and RC detailing, however I’ve also been able to contribute to an engaging superstructure project involving aerodynamics, which I found particularly rewarding.

I am excited to begin my career with a company that truly cares about the built environment and has a strong focus on environmentally-conscious, clever design.

Some of my most life-changing moments have taken place on trips to North America. I’ve been fortunate enough to have now been to seven U.S states and explored some truly special places.

On my most recent trip, my Dad and I toured New England, where we embarked on a whale-watching trip off the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts. It was the most serene day, with weather you could only dream of and we were lucky enough to spot a pod of humpback whales, where I captured the photo below. It was a moment I will certainly never forget.


Max Goulding