Oscar White

Graduate Engineer

Hi! I’m Oscar.

Following my master’s in Civil & Structural Engineering at the University of Liverpool I headed to Manchester to start my career in structural engineering with Civic.

I originally hail from rural Lincolnshire where pigs and chickens are more common than the skyscrapers that Manchester is becoming well known for. However, the past two years living in this exciting city and working with such a fantastic team have allowed me to feel well at home in my new surroundings.

My time has been split between regeneration projects such as Rutland Mills (Wakefield) and Mayfield (Manchester) and new build schemes – Pinewood Studios and Chapel Square (Altrincham). Over the previous year I have developed a small obsession with the world of computational engineering, particularly parametric modelling. This has led to some exciting applications in embodied carbon quantification and complex geometry optimisations.

In June 2021 I lead a team at Civic to deliver a parametric interactive experience for the London Festival of Architecture. This has illuminated the exciting challenges and ideas that can be pursued in the world of project management and communications. It is something I hope to continue learning about.

Outside of work I can be found writing music, brewing beer, sailing or watching the rugby.

Oscar White

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