Robert Webster


Hi, I’m Rob and I joined Civic Engineers in November 2019 having previously worked at WSP and Lancashire County Council. I grew up in Northamptonshire (down south) but I’m nearly an official Northerner as I’ve spent most of my adult life up in the North.

My background is predominantly drainage design and flood risk, since joining Civic I’ve been expanding my knowledge into wider infrastructure design. In my previous roles I worked closely with Local Authorities on schemes which ultimately prevented flooding to properties – I found this incredibly rewarding from a personal point of view.

I’m extremely passionate about SuDS and look to maximise their use within every scheme. When a client or authority asks for ‘traditional’ pipe and gully drainage I will do everything in my power to convince them that SuDS are the best way forward.

I’m also enthusiastic with assisting people to develop into the engineer that they’d like to be. I ensure I am approachable and give people my time whenever they ask for it. I fully believe that communication is key and strive to build rapport with clients, colleagues, approvers and the like.

My two loves in life are food and music. I cook almost every day and bake when I can (bringing in tasty treats for the office!). An item that means something to me is my 1983 American Fender Stratocaster guitar which produces one of the best clean sounds that I’ve ever heard.

Robert Webster

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