Ryan Daniell

Design Engineer

Hi, I’m Ryan. I’ve lived and worked as a Structural Engineer in London since graduating University in 2017, where I managed to secure myself a Masters in Architectural Engineering. The majority of my University years were spent up in Leeds, apart from my year out where I spent a year studying at Drexel University, Philadelphia, learning the fundamentals of Engineering with the imperial system and drinking bad coffee.

My experience in the construction industry has been varied. My younger years were spent working for a local builder, which provided me with the skills to move further afield and undertake a 3-month long volunteering role constructing a village kindergarten on a remote Fijian island. Taking these skills elsewhere, I then went on to work as a part of a remediation team on an earthquake site in Christchurch, New Zealand. Since then, I’ve had experience working on a large infrastructure project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which, alongside my degree, secured me a grad job at AKT II where I spent the first 3 years of my professional career. This has all led me to an exciting role with Civic Engineers in the London studio.

I have always loved looking back over photos of past experiences and reminding oneself of those times that often slip to the back of your mind. A particular favourite is a picture I took one morning, in 2012, of a residential street in Philadelphia during Storm Jonas. If you follow this road for half a mile you end up at the famous ‘Rocky Steps’, where you’ll find someone running up and down them at all hours of the day & night, all year round (apparently).

Ryan Daniell

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