Sinead Gilmour

Design Engineer

Hi, I’m a recent Civil Engineering graduate from the University of Edinburgh and work as a Civil Engineer at Civic Engineers. The work and ethos of Civic Engineers inspired me to write my final year thesis exploring the use of people-focused design in urban development projects as a means of increasing mental wellbeing. I have been able to work on a range of people-focused urban infrastructure projects at Civic, allowing me to continue to gain experience and work within a field I am really interested in.

Aside from work, I enjoy cooking for my friends and family, attending gigs, football matches and playing bass guitar. I also love to cycle tour, having completed cycle tours around Ireland, Switzerland, and France – and plan on tackling Eurovelo 7 next!

Something that means a lot to me is my bike. This is my first cyclo-cross bike which has let me cycle on and off road which I have found to be enjoyable (and challenging..). I recently took it up to the Cairngorms to cycle the Burma Road – a hard climb but insane views!

Sinead Gilmour

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