Susanna Capriotti

Graduate Engineer

Hi, my name is Susanna and I joined Civic Engineers in the London office at the end of May 2017 as an intern. When offered the position as a graduate, I enthusiastically tackled the challenge of moving to the bustling and stimulating city of London. I graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in September 2016, obtaining my Master degree in Civil Engineering – Structure. In January 2017 I became a Chartered Engineer in Italy. During my studies, I focused my educational path on structural core courses such as Concrete and Steel Design, Structural Rehabilitation and most of all on Earthquake resistant design, which my Master Thesis was concentrated on.

I have a deep passion for Architecture, that I love to cultivate together with my great interest in the Structural Design. In addition to my working related passions, I like going to concerts, discovering new bands and travelling, which gives me the chance to learn new cultures and appreciate different forms of architecture.

I am very glad to be part of the Civic London Team, where I am learning and developing as a structural engineer in the London inspiring building environment.

Susanna Capriotti

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