23rd June 2022

Women In Engineering Day – Looking Towards The Future


Today we’re celebrating Women in Engineering Day, a very special day that gives us an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the amazing women that are part of our team here at Civic Engineers.

Celebrating the incredible work they do to support people to lead happier, healthier lives, Women in Engineering Day provides a platform for us to not only recognise their work, but to also encourage more young women and girls to take up rewarding careers in Engineering. With this year’s theme for #INWED22 being looking towards the future, we asked four women from our practice who are changing the industry for the better, to share some career and life advice…but with themselves.

We asked each of them what advice they’d give their younger selves, and we had some powerful words of wisdom shared. Thanks to Claudia, Leah, Cher and Jessica for sharing their learnings with us below and also four very adorable photos of them as children. There’s a lot we can learn from advice we’d give our younger selves, and we hope our fellow women engineers find some small way to celebrate themselves today and reflect on the impact and change we are making for the future.


Claudia Ross, Graduate Civil Engineer

Stop comparing your achievements with other peoples, keep pushing yourself and things will fall into place in your own time!


Leah Stuart, Director

Stay interested in the world and keep your options open. Choose a job that allows you to stay curious and learn something every day. Use your professional skills to change the world. Engineering is a great career!


Cher Wilkie, Head of Client Integration

Don’t get hung-up on choosing a career, start somewhere and take every opportunity presented to you. When a role arises you haven’t got the experience in, take on the challenge to not only learn the role but evolve it to better benefit the team and help you grow as a person.


Jessica Foster, Associate

Do what you enjoy.  Following your interests will lead you to places you didn’t even know existed.


Cute image caption… top left, Claudia Ross. Top right, Leah Stuart. Bottom left, Jessica Foster. Bottom right, Cher Wilkie.

Women In Engineering Day – Looking Towards The Future