We are Civic Engineers

We are engineers with a passion and expertise in the design and delivery of high quality award winning buildings, structures and public spaces.

Our engineering skills cover both structural and civil, including movement, highways, flood risk, drainage, SuDS and earthworks amongst others.

Civic Engineering is the fusion of all these skills. We believe this fusion of expertise is essential to resolving the complex and competing needs of our towns and cities, leading to the design of innovative, sustainable and economically viable structures, neighbourhoods and environments, where we seek to work with the prevailing geography of a place.

Our pursuit of excellence based on the hard earned trust of our clients and partners, allows us to challenge conventions for the benefit of our projectsWe take a creative and broad approach that has seen us gain industry recognition for delivering a wide range of challenging, distinctive and critically acclaimed projects, undertaken from our city centre studios in Manchester, London, Leeds & Glasgow.

Our engineers are encouraged and supported to take a positive and intelligent attitude to risk. With our knowledge, aptitude and diverse project experience, we have the capability and genuine interest needed to engineer high quality buildings and urban infrastructure. We don’t work alone, collaboration is key, and we work with people and organisations who share enough of our beliefs so we can collectively deliver excellence for our Clients.

Ultimately, our wish is that our work enhances the quality of life for people in the built environment, working within the sensible limitations of the natural environment; building not destroying, exploring not exploiting, reusing not just using, listening and learning, civility from civil engineering.