How we engineer 

Engineering design is a creative process and can facilitate positive change in the world through its impact and influence on the built and natural environment.

Civic Engineers was set up as an inter-disciplinary, design-led practice that blends art and science. Our work spans the disciplines of structural, civil and transport engineering in the design and delivery of buildings, urban infrastructure and landscape. All crucial elements that help make great places and communities.

Our work ranges from policy research and design guidance to strategic urban frameworks, the design of streets and spaces, to the design of buildings at all scales. The skills needed to deliver this range of work combines civil, structural and transport engineering, working as one coherent team.  We refer to this blend as ‘civic engineering’. The common threads that our team seeks to influence through this broad range of work are social, economic and environmental.

Our engineers and technicians understand the whole of what they are going to make, its form, function and how it will behave over time. Graphical communication of ideas and designs is fundamental to the way we deliver our work, so our engineers and technicians focus on the quality of their sketches and drawings. Our engineering services cover strategy, concept design through to construction detailing, post-completion and lifecycle monitoring.  By seeing projects through to post- completion, we learn important lessons to feedback into our project strategies and concept designs.

We are at the forefront of applying Building Information Model (BIM) and other digital tools and processes, producing intelligent digital representations of our projects.  We use industry-leading collaborative working methods and model sharing with other members of the design team. Our ultimate project BIM objective is to hand over a data rich asset management model as a tool to assist in facility management, helping to create a sustainable future for generations to come.