The big picture

We are Civic. Everything we do is about having a positive impact on the communities that we serve, the environment and the planet, enabling people to lead healthier and happier lives.

We started as engineers, bringing art and science together to solve problems through good design, and to create positive solutions for people and the environment to thrive.

We remain engineers, and we are passionate about the role that engineering has to play in creating better and more sustainable places. We want to have greater impact and to do this we have grown our range of services within the built environment, with complementary businesses and technical disciplines added that focus on environmental and socio-economic sustainability, ground engineering and soil health, and we continue to grow. By providing this broader range of services we can have a greater positive impact on our projects and unlock greater value for our clients.

We enjoy challenge, collaborating with our clients to spark curiosity, push boundaries through innovation, and explore possibilities. Always listening, always learning. Looking for new, innovative ways to approach the challenges and opportunities before us. Responding to the rapidly changing needs of our communities, towns, cities and the planet.

Thriving together.