“Tea for two” or sometimes more

We recognise that to deliver excellence for our clients, collaboration is key. We work with clients, architects, contractors and other designers who share our beliefs and our passions. On all projects we aim to build strong, long term relationships that enable all parties to deliver distinctive and critically acclaimed solutions for clients. The joy is in creating something together that can’t be done alone.

“Unity is strength”

We are extremely proud of our Engineers and Technicians who are amongst the most talented, trusted and enthusiastic in their profession. Our four studios are made up of director-led teams of structural, civil and transport engineers, Revit and CAD technicians. Our approach is to encourage inter-disciplinary working across our studios and within our teams, resisting departmentalisation. All our staff are encouraged and supported to take an intelligent and positive attitude to risk to allow them to achieve excellence, economy and elegance in the design process for our clients.

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