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Non-Executive Director Michelle McDowell
Leeds Studio Co-ordinator Julia Weston
Executive Assistant to London Directors Roslyn Stanwick
Associate Director Alasdair Gray
Associate Keith York
Graduate Engineer Elizabeth Aspinall
Design Engineer Jen Oliver
Design Engineer Mike Borzoni
Regional Director Annabel Precious
Design Engineer Alex Angell-Payne
Executive Assistant to Founding Directors Angela Watcyn-Jones
Sales Ledger and Credit Controller Janet Westley
Chartered Structural Engineer Billy Brand
Graduate Engineer Nick Healy
Bidding Administrator Kiera Gordon
Transport Design Engineer Liz Diaz
Chartered Structural Engineer Thomas Audsley
Associate Director James Travers
Civil Design Engineer Andrew Peeke
Graduate Engineer Isaac Bass
Senior Engineer PJ Rankin
Graduate Engineer Darshan Chiba
Senior Civil Engineering Technician Zac Gannon
Design Engineer Sinead Gilmour
Design Engineer Farjad Khan
Senior Engineer Ross Murphy
Studio Manager Manchester and Leeds Jolie Molloy
Senior Structural Engineering Technician Fotios Georgiou
Graduate IT Engineer Scott McLoskey
Design Engineer Tom Clark
Associate Director Yousaf Hussain
Graduate Engineer Marta Drabek
Graduate Engineer Claudia Ross
Regional Director Martin McGovern
Senior Structural Engineer Ryan Daniell
Associate Hannah Keighley
Design Engineer Georgie Smith
London Studio Manager Laurie Latham
Design Engineer Tom Robertson
Senior Engineer Vivek Madhav
Design Engineer Erik Stopp
Senior Engineer James Bloomfield
Design Engineer Harry Morton
Head of Finance Anh Ho
Senior Structural Engineering Technician Steven John
Associate Director Simon Bennett
Associate Jason Howell
Technical Director Andrew Ruck
Design Engineer Andrea McGee
Design Engineer Finlay Gray
Structural Engineering Technician Lewis Griffiths
Design Engineer Asha Vickers
Senior Transport Engineer Emily Ingham
Regional Director Richard Dowdall
Bid Proposal Manager Suzanne Mack
Structural Design Engineer Frank Rigby
Associate Tomasz Lukaszewicz
Structural Design Engineer Polly Natynczuk
Structural Design Engineer Oscar White
Associate Martin Battle
Structural Design Engineer Lauren Boag
Structural Design Engineer Tom Hogan
Civil Design Engineer Emilie Leclerc
Senior Structural Engineer Gina Wood
Senior I.T. Technician Joe Bazaz
Associate Rhys Williams
Transport Planner Michael Cameron
People and Culture Advisor Stephanie Jones
Studio Manager Scotland Izabela Zajac
Associate Dan Podesta
Regional Director Craig Turner
Associate Ed Robinson
Civil Design Engineer Mark Solley
Director Isla Jackson
Director Robert Westcott
Senior Engineer Andrew Peebles
Design Engineer Dominique Pitman
Apprentice Engineer Alfie Brewster
Head of Client Integration Cher Wilkie
Associate Hannah Rathbone
Design Engineer Rebecca Keachie
Senior Transport Engineer Simon Keating
Associate Director Sam Harland
Associate Jessica Foster
Head of People and Culture Caroline Todd
CEO and Founding Director Stephen O’Malley
COO and Founding Director Julian Broster
Head of Communications & Culture Katrina Davies
Director Leah Stuart
Director Gareth Atkinson
Senior Structural Engineer Rachael McClenan Fitton
Associate and Sustainability Lead Claire Young
People & Culture Manager Kat Dewell
Director Paul Morris
Senior Structural Engineering Technician Paul Mellor
Senior Associate Structural Engineering Technician Ian Bennett
Director James Bruce

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